Anhydrous Ammonia

This training video teaches about Anhydrous Ammonia safety and response to Anhydrous Ammonia incidents

"Anhydrous Ammonia" is a safety training DVD about the hazards of Anhydrous Ammonia and safe response to incidents involving this dangerous gas. This training video is part of the HazChem Series and is available separately.

Anhydrous ammonia, NH3, is widely used in agriculture and industry. Penetrating vapors from this gas are suffocating and can lead to severe health problems, even death. This exciting training video outlines an active program of safety and inspection to prevent accidents in the workplace and during emergency response.

Updated in 2008 with new footage, new animations, information about the use of anhydrous ammonia in clandestine drug labs, and the latest information on placarding and labeling requirements!

 Training topics covered:
  • Hazard properties
  • New DHS reporting and security requirements
  • Up-to-date standards for containers
  • For risk management planning: new information on toxic endpoints for anhydrous ammonia
  • Illegal use of anhydrous ammonia in meth labs
  • DOT and NFPA placards and labels
  • Air monitoring and ventilation
  • Special problems posed by enclosed spaces
  • Newest information about controlling vapors after spills
  • Use of water fog spray, carbon dioxide and foam to control vapors
  • Protective equipment used in emergency response.
  • Also included with purchase is a Resource CD-Rom with customizable PowerPoint presentation, post-seminar quiz and other instructional aids.

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