Security Officer Background Screening

Making Sure Your Protectors Aren't Your Biggest Threat.

Imagine this. You, a commercial property manager, have hired a private security company to guard a strip mall that you are currently managing. One night a jewelry store in your mall is burglarized and thousands of dollars worth of inventory are stolen. At the conclusion of an investigation it is found that one of the accomplices is none other than the night watchmen. Furthermore, that overnight security guard not only does not have a security license, but has a criminal record as well, having spent time in prison for grand theft. Now the question is, had you known this prior to this individual working on your property, would you have allowed him to work there to begin with?

You were told to imagine the last paragraph, but the truth is you wouldn't have to search very hard to find similar incidences in which those things actually occurred. Not too long ago in South Florida a father and son were arrested for just such an act. The son was the guard on duty, patrolling a flea market for a private security company that had been hired by the flea market to protect it from just the thing that this guard was about to do. At some point in the evening, the guard made sure to move the surveillance cameras so they wouldn't be able to catch the robbery that was going to take place later on. Unfortunately for the security guard, there were other cameras in place that not even he knew about which were able to catch him tampering with the cameras as well as breaking in to one of the stores that night. Those same cameras also caught his father breaking into a jewelry store that same evening, leaving with thousands of dollars in gold, silver, and jewels.

There is a disturbing trend growing within the security guard service business to not background screen security officers prior to their employment. There are a few reasons as to why this is occurring. One, there are many security companies out there who do not operate with the proper licensing. It should go without saying that a company who doesn't feel the need to properly conduct business itself wouldn't find the need to properly screen its employees. Not all security companies who operate unlicensed do so knowingly, some honestly just don't know the licensing laws that govern the profession, yet that is no excuse for their irresponsibility. Licensing requirements are put in place to ensure the safety not only of the individuals providing these services, but more importantly, the public.

Another reason why some of these companies choose not to screen their employees is simply to create a new revenue stream for the company. How is this accomplished you might ask. Well, these security companies tell their employees and or their clients that a background check is required before employment. These same companies will then charge either the guard and or the client while never conducting the background check. In doing this, they directly pocket all of the monies that were acquired while lying to the involved parties.

Some companies don't background screen its employees simply because of the fact that they knowingly hire individuals who can't obtain their license or who would otherwise not be allowed to work. This includes but is not limited to convicted criminals. Most convicted criminals have a hard time finding work and are mostly prohibited from obtaining a security license. These variables appeal to some security companies because they can hire these employees at a lower pay rate knowing these individuals won't be able to find work anywhere else. Whatever the reason, it is a dangerous practice.

As a user of security guard services, one must take measures to ensure the quality of the individuals working on their property. When accepting proposals, be sure the company you will potentially hire performs background checks in addition to the ones performed by the state as part of the security officer application process. If you are currently contracted with a security guard company, be sure to ask them to provide you with copies of the background checks that have been performed on your properties guards. You should run into no resistance or hesitation whatsoever. These companies should be more than happy to produce these documents for you as it demonstrates their professionalism and expertise in what it is they do. If you run into any road blocks or excuses as to why these documents cannot be produced, it may be a good idea to re-examine your current security situation.

Security guard services are an invaluable tool to be utilized by any and all industries. It is important though to do your part when it comes to utilizing the services provided by such companies. Be sure that the individuals hired to keep you safe aren't the ones who pose the biggest threat.

Article By : Ibrahim Baker

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