The Cost of Peace of Mind

Are Your Indulgences Worth More Than Your Well Being?

Today more than ever the need to protect ourselves and our loved ones is at an all time high. The need for these things always exists, but in a declining economic market that need becomes ever more prevalent. It is a sad state of affairs when a parent's only means of feeding a hungry child is to steal from his or her neighbors. Unfortunately, this is what it's come too.

Just recently, an elderly woman in Florida was home when a man came knocking on her door. He explained to the woman that he was with the water department and asked if he could test her water. The woman thought nothing suspicious of the man due to the fact that the city had recently been conducting sewer work in her area. When she asked for credentials the man at the door explained to her that he had left them in his truck. Being of a trusting nature, she believed him and allowed the man to enter her home.

She explained later that the man distracted her while two accomplices went into her room and took from her antique jewelry that had been given to her by her children. The elderly woman was quoted saying "I should have known better, but I just accepted him. He was friendly and nice. I thought he was just one of the guys working out there." This is just one of a number of robberies that took place in the same area with the same MO.

Incidences like this take place everyday all over this country with the culprits usually getting away scot free. More than likely we will never be able to rid the world of these acts or the individuals who commit them, but we can definitely do a better job of making sure these individual who prey on the innocent are brought to justice.

Now imagine the same scenario as described in the previous paragraphs, but this time the elderly woman has some sort of surveillance system installed in her home. Chances are she still would have been robbed. Then she would have called the police just as she had done previously, but this time when they got there, she would have been able to provide them with footage of her assailants. The police would then be able to post photos of these criminals via local news stations. This would in turn not only perhaps bring these individuals to justice, but may have even brought a poor old lady's jewelry back to her as well as spare her neighbors from suffering the same misfortune.

Every year consumers waste money on things they don't need. We all give into temptation at one point or another. Some more frequently than others, but we all do it. A few dollars here and there ads up. Fact, a smoker in New York who averages one pack a day will spend about $4000 a year on tobacco and tobacco related products. Similarly, the average American spends close to 6% of their annual budget eating out, and another 1% on alcohol. Now there's nothing wrong with a having a good time, but at what expense.

There always seems to be extra money for our indulgences, yet there never seems to be any money to protect ourselves and the things we hold dear to us. It's amazing how little we spend on securing our homes and how much we spend making sure our children have iphones. People always seem to wait until something happens before steps are made to correct the problem. The problem with that is what will one have to lose before they realize there was a problem to begin with? In the case of the elderly Florida lady, she was lucky to only lose a few pieces of jewelry. Everyone's price for a wakeup call is different. Some pay with money, and some pay with their lives. What are you willing to pay for yours?

Article By : Ibrahim Baker

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