I Just Stole Your Car

Tips For Securing Your Vehicle and Making it a Less Attractive Target...

In the past few months, vehicles in the parking lot of our main office have been under attack. Thieves have been having their way, breaking into cars and taking the valuables found within them. Luckily, as of this point, no car belonging to any of our staff members have been broken into, nor have any cars themselves been taken. This article looks to address some of the steps one should take to ensure their possessions remain safe.

First things first, and I'm a little surprised I need to say this, but make sure you lock your car doors. Thieves are opportunists. Should a thief walk by your car and notice that the doors have been left unlocked the chances of them entering your vehicle are greatly increased. Everyone at one point or another has been guilty of failing to adhere to this simple step. In the time it takes for you to quickly run into the gas station and make a quick purchase, a thief could have made their way into your car and taken your purse, your car, or even worse, your brand new i5 LOL! You get the point. Don't make things easier for someone already looking for the easy way out.

Next, if you don't want a thief to take the things in your car, then make sure there is nothing in your car to take. Now I understand that this may pose a problem in some cases, I mean it may not be ideal to take your laptop into the grocery store with you, or your undelivered dry cleaning into the office. What you can do though is make sure that the things you need to leave in your car are not visible to those seeking to invade your space. If you must keep things in your car, do your best to place them in places like your trunk or glove compartment. Hide things under a reclined passenger seat or even under that stack of papers thrown in the back. Do whatever it takes to keep your possessions out of sight. Thieves aren't going to run the risk of getting caught for a hunch. If they don't see anything of value in your vehicle, then they'll go to the car of the individual who didn't read this article and left their valuables in plain sight, ripe for the taking. Aren't you glad you're reading this article?

There is nothing worse than having things like this happen to you at places where a lot of your time is spent such as work or home. To aid in ensuring they don't, the entire community needs to take a proactive role in the deterrence of such events. Just the other day I was walking to my car in our office parking lot and saw a man wondering aimlessly by the trash cans. I had never seen this man before and decided to ask him if there was something I could help him with. To be honest, I wasn't very interested in helping him at all. I was just curious as to what he was doing in our parking lot. The man replied no, and I replied with a simple "oh, ok." This may seem pointless, but the idea is to make individuals aware of the fact that someone is paying attention. Now imagine what a difference it would make in the deterrence of crime if everyone in our office building took the initiative to engage individuals hanging in and around our facility. Criminals commit these acts with the idea that they're going to get away with it. If they feel as though people are watching, then the idea of them getting away with it goes out the window, as oppose to a brick through yours.

The use of technology is a great way to help deter crime but is not necessarily fool proof. Truth is if a thief wants your things bad enough, they will find a way to get them. All you can do is make sure that getting them is as difficult as possible. When a crook walks by your car, make sure they see nothing. Lock your doors and challenge individuals you find suspicious. It is never my advice to put yourself in harm's way, and if you feel that by asking a simple question to a suspicious person does so, it is always your right to notify the authorities. We all work too hard for the things we have. Let's work just as hard, if not harder to protect them.

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Article By : Ibrahim Baker

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