Scamburger With Cheese Please

A Closer Look at One of Today's More Clever Scams...

Growing up in Miami you tend to see and hear a lot. When it comes to scams, Miami seems to have written the book. That's why when I was faced with this latest scam I was quite taken back by the way in which these scammers were elevating their craft to new heights.

For the past few days I've been receiving phone calls from a strange telephone number. Every time I receive this phone call I'm left the same voice message. The message is that of what seems to be a middle aged Hispanic woman speaking in Spanish and asking that I give her money to help feed her family. Each time this has happened it's been the same phone number along with the same voice message.

The first time I got this call I was busy and unable to answer the phone. When I finally heard the voicemail, I was honestly shocked to hear the message this woman had left me. Being an internet veteran, I know a scam when I see or hear one; but I couldn't help thinking of all the good hearted people that might be taken in by this helpless sounding woman.

I have yet to answer the phone when I've received one of these calls. I must admit, I think it's partly because I don't have the heart to tell this woman, if it's even her, exactly what's on my mind. Even if her need is genuine, I'm not sure I can excuse her method. Dealing with telemarketers is bad enough, now I have to worry about this?

I'm a hundred percent certain this is a scam, and it's for that reason I write this. I would hate for someone to fall victim to this, or any other of the thousands of different scams out there today. An article published in The Miami Herald entitled Watch for scams - Over the phone or via email lays out some of the more common scams one may encounter today.

In today's world, individuals must be extremely cautious and ever vigilant of ill willed people looking to take advantage of their good nature. The internet and cellular phones have created a way for thieves to commit their crimes while safely hiding themselves behind a computer screen or mobile device. With just the smallest bit of information, cyber thieves can steal your identity along with a lot, if not all of your hard work. Don't be naīve, and don't become a victim. If I have to leave you with one bit of advice it would be this. Should a phone call or email seem out of the ordinary or a deal sound too good to be true, chances are it is

Article By : Ibrahim Baker

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