Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

Our Concealed Weapons Permit course is designed for students who are looking to attain a Concealed Weapons Permit in the state of Florida. As per Florida statute 790.06, all individual seeking out a Concealed Weapons Permit in the state of Florida must participate in a 4 hour Firearm Safety Course. Students enrolled in the Concealed Weapons Permit and Firearm Safety Program will learn the law as it pertains to concealed carry in Florida, as well as the risks and responsibility faced by any holder of a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit or Firearm License. Apart from law, students will spend time in a firearm training facility where they will be taught range safety, loading, unloading, safe handling and fundamentals of pistol shooting. Classes are conducted by state-certified or National Rifle Association certified firearms instructors. Classroom instruction topics include pistol safety, parts and operation, pistol cleaning, storage, as well as additional training opportunities.

Upon completion of the Concealed Weapons Permit and Firearm Safety Course, students will be awarded with a certificate of completion which is required as proof when applying with the Division of Licensing for licensure. For a small fee, fingerprinting, notarization, photo, and application can all be completed by us, making applying for your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit simple and painless. Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to guide you through the process and answer any and all questions you may have regarding your Concealed Weapons Permit or Firearm application. Class size is restricted to ensure extra attention is given to each and every student. All interested parties are asked to contact our office for course schedule and availability. Classes fill up quickly, so don't hesitate, exercise your right and become licensed to carry a firearm today.

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