Countering Terrorism

The role of security officers in the event of a terrorist attack affecting their facility

Security officers must be aware of the terrorist threat. If a terrorist incident occurs at a facility, security officers are likely to be first on the scene to observe the situation. They themselves could become victims of the attack.Security officers are usually the first to notify emergency services, the first to take command and control of the event, and the first to aid victims. Effective preparation and training is required so that the actions and decisions made by security professionals during this stressful time will lead to the most successful outcome of the incident.
This module, fourth in the Professional Security Officer training series, covers
  • Detecting potential terrorist threats
  • Terrorist targets
  • Types of Weapons of Mass Destruction and how they are disseminated
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Vehicle-borne IEDs
  • Appropriate actions to prevent a terrorist action
  • Response to a suspected or actual terrorist event
  • Suspicious packages
  • Self protection
  • Includes an Instructor's CD-Rom to help structure a training seminar to relate the lessons of the video to the specific facility.

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