Direct Reading Instruments

Examine air sampling equipment used at a hazardous materials incident.

"Direct Reading Instruments" DVD is part of the Air Monitoring SeriesAvailable separately.

This DVD examines the primary air monitoring devices used at a hazardous materials incident, telling the purpose of each and showing how they work, how to interpret readings, and how to avoid common problems.

The instruments covered include:
  • Combustible gas indicators
  • Radiation monitors
  • Survey instruments
  • Detector tubes
  • Oxygen meters
  • Toxic gas detectors
  • Combination meters
  • The program discusses:
  • Calibration checks
  • How to use a response curve to read meters. 
  • How to conduct monitoring to get accurate readings
  • How an oxygen deficient or oxygen enriched atmosphere and other factors will affect results.
  • Instrument maintenance.

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