HazMat Operations Series

Learn the core competencies required for NFPA Operations Level certification.

"The HazMat Operations" is a 5-part DVD series that provides OSHA Hazwoper training.  With five training videos, it instructs responders on competencies at the Operations Level for responding to a hazardous material incident.

Topics in this series of training videos include:
  • Responding to the emergency
  • Assessing the nature of the incident
  • Notifying other involved parties
  • Requesting additional assistance when needed
  • Implementing initial defensive actions
The package is comprised of five DVDs plus a Leader's Guide and teaches the core competencies required for certification at the Operations Level. It helps set up a program to apply the lessons learned to your jurisdiction or facility. 

The five modules of Hazmat Operations are:
The series is intended to teach competencies in the following areas:
  • Gathering information about the incident and interpreting that information
  • Understanding of hazardous materials containers
  • Basic hazard and risk assessment techniques
  • Analyzing a hazardous materials incident to understand the magnitude of the problem and the potential harm posed by the incident
  • Planning an initial response based on the capabilities and competencies of available personnel and equipment
  • Implementing the response plan by controlling the scene, initiating ICS, using protective equipment, and performing defensive actions
  • Performing basic control, containment and/or confinement activities
  • Evaluating the progress of actions taken
  • Performing necessary decontamination.
This series is also valuable for annual refresher training!

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