Initial Response

Oil spill clean-up safety training video teaches about the hazards of an oil spill response and the safety factors involved.

"Initial Response"  DVD is part one of the Oil Spill Response Series. It provides OSHA training for clean-up personnel. This module is an overview of factors to consider during the response.

Topics covered:
  • How spills commonly occur
  • Factors to consider during the response
  • Different types of oils, including gasoline, jet fuel, naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuels, asphalt, and crude oil
  • Hazards associated with oil during the different phases of the spill, including fire risk, toxicity, mechanical dangers, and environmental threats.
  • Agencies to be notified of a spill
  • Factors that affect spill behavior
  • Site control
  • Responder safety 
  • Incident management

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