Introduction to Hazardous Chemicals

This hazardous chemicals safety training video provides an overview of chemical reactions, their properties and response considerations.

"Introduction to Hazardous Chemicals" is a safety training video that portrays experiments performed by Dan Keenan that portrays chemical reactions, vividly emphasizing for the audience the hazards of chemicals and basic safe response considerations. It is part one of the HazChem Series, and is available separately or as a part of the series. This safety video provides valuable training for Awareness and Operations Level personnel. Both field and laboratory demonstrations are conducted. Topics covered:
  • DOT classifications of hazardous chemicals
  • Protective clothing
  • PEL, STEL, IDLH exposure guidelines
  • NFPA 704 marking system
  • How accidents commonly occur
  • Procedures for dealing with emergencies
  • Leader's Guide included.

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