Oil Spill Response Series

Learn about oil spill clean-up safety. Teaches how to manage all aspects of an oil spill and meet the requirements for OPA 90.

The "Oil Spill Response" DVD series teaches oil spill clean-up safety, and provides OSHA training for oil spill clean-up contractors. It addresses major oil spills such as that which recently occurred in the Gulf of Mexico and describes countermeasures for both land and sea spills.. 

"Oil Spill Response" is a 5-part training series that provides important health and safety information for clean-up workers. Created with the assistance of the US Coast Guard, this series examines all recognized clean-up technologies and emphasizes waste management techniques. It is used worldwide by the US Coast Guard and some 500 other organizations. It is ideal as a crash course to meet OSHA and USCG regulations. 

Modules (see program descriptions at individual titles):

The series includes five programs with hours of video plus Leader's Guide that outlines a course of instruction.

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