Radiation Monitoring

This radiation monitoring training video teaches emergency personnel about mission specific Operations Level competencies for radiation monitoring.

"Radiation Monitoring" DVD trains emergency personnel in mission specific Operations Level competencies regarding monitoring for radiation at WMD events as well as natural disasters and industrial accidents. This training video is designed for emergency personnel, including law enforcement, hazmat teams, firefighters, emergency management and others who might become involved in monitoring for radiation. Features of this program:
  • Follows the guidelines of ASTM-2601, Standard Practice for Radiological Emergency Response
  • Examines incidents resulting from accidents and natural disasters as well as terrorism
  • Portrays emergency personnel using radiation detectors and interpreting results
  • Studies the selection and use of personal protective equipment
  • Covers Improvised Nuclear Devices, Radiological Dispersion Devices and Radiological Exposure Devices

The package also includes an Instructor's CD-Rom that examines the Inverse Square Rule and also includes other resources to help present a training seminar. 

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