American Knights recognizes the importance of clear concise reporting. We train all security officers on proper writing techniques. Emphasis is placed on:
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Clear, legible presentation
  • Proper sentence structure
We also have developed a series of reports that are both informative to our clients and allow us to monitor our performance.

An Activity Log is completed on a daily basis. Hourly entries are made describing activities on the premises.

The Entry Log (residential) and Sign-In-Sheets (commercial) are used to allow access to the premises.

The Supervisor's Report is an internal report, reviewed daily by management to ensure that the supervisor has visited every post assigned.

Supervisor Evaluation Reports are completed weekly on each officer by his/her supervisor. The officer's abilities to perform his/her duties, completion of paper work, and neat and clean appearance are rated.

Disciplinary Action Reports are deemed necessary if a security officer's performance is not satisfactory. If three reports are completed for the same violation, it is grounds for immediate termination of employment.

Incident Reports are prepared for any breach of security or unusual occurrence.

Our dispatch center maintains a Post Check-In-Log. Every security officer must report to dispatch when coming on and getting off duty.