Response to Illicit Drug Labs

Be prepared to encounter dangerous illegal drug labs!

"Response to Illicit Drug Labs" DVD is response video training for emergency personnel who may encounter a clandestine drug lab during routine calls, or who may be involved in taking down a lab. An ideal resource for law enforcement, hazmat teams, EMS, and other emergency personnel.

Topics covered include:
  • Where illicit drug labs are found
  • Clues to the presence of a drug lab
  • Physical and hazard properties of methamphetamine
  • The 3 potential conditions of an illegal lab
  • How meth is processed and manufactured
  • How to organize a drug lab raid
  • Handling the criminal aspects of a drug lab
  • Clean-up issues
Special bonus segment on DVD "Hazmat for Meth Labs!" Examines processes used in the manufacture of meth, as well as the hazardous properties of chemicals often found at meth labs.

Also included: 120-slide Power Point presentation that can be customized by the instructor for use during a training seminar.

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