Terrorist Weapons Package

This two-part DVD package provides training videos on WMD preparedness and response

Training videos on WMD preparedness and response to help emergency responders make effective decisions during times of crisis. The two titles in this package are:
  • Terrorism: Biological Weapons - Ricin, ebola and anthrax are examples of biological agents that may be used as weapons. This program studies three different ways that a bioterrorist event may be discovered, and shows how effective planning by public health and response organizations can help minimize the threat to the public. It also covers the effects of exposure to each category of biological agents and response protocols. An instructor's CD-Rom is included with this program.

  • Terrorism: Explosive & Incendiary Weapons - Explosives are the most common weapon of mass destruction in the terrorist's arsenal. This program examines the different types of explosives and shows how responders to these events set evacuation distances, deal with mass casualties and conduct search and rescue missions and investigations. It covers both pre- and post-detonation incidents. A Leader's Guide is included with this program.

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